This screenshot was taken 15 feet away from the Edgeless Ultra-Thin 90" Millennium M1 High-Contrast 4K-HD Reference Filmscreen. Reference HD Photography work done by Larry Diaz for Millennium & High-End Palace.





    High-End Palace proudly presents the future in HD picture reproduction. The Millennium 4K-HD Reference Filmscreens is the absolute best high-end filmscreen we have seen and tested to date. These screenshots clearly shows what is all about. Millennium 4K-HD provides a new standard in picture quality realism that speaks for its self; it provides a brightness, contrast level and saturation of vivid colors that can not match so far by any other manufacture. The experience is so real that it transports you completely in to the live music concert or film. The new edgeless ultra-thin Millennium M1 High-Contrast and Millennium M2 Natural Filmscreen simply have no competition in high-end picture reproduction period.

We believe that seeing is believing, look at the photos samples bellow of the picture projected on the Millennium Filmscreens. If you are still not convince, come and see for your self. I will personally guarantee the best picture you have ever seen, your purchase comes with a 100% satisfaction. Contact Larry Diaz today at High-End Palace 786 388-8050 for Millennium Filmscreens. We provide everything you need to achieve a true reference picture quality. Contact us for sales, installations, calibration or to help you select the right filmscreen size and model for your live music concert room or private movie theater. Visit MILLENNIUM 4K HD FILMSCREENS website.


  • 4K-HD Resolution Picture Perfect Reproduction Filmscreens

  • Amazing picture quality even in bright rooms

  • Up to twenty times higher contrast than any other screen by any manufacture

  • Up to ten times brighter picture than 99.9% of the screens available today

  • Contrast levels up to 1000:1 ratio with Millennium M1 High-Contrast 4K-HD Reference Filmscreen

  • Night and day improvement in picture quality of any projector brand and resolution

  • Extremely Light Weight

  • Available in screen sizes from 84" to 120" in 16:9 HD format

  • Available in Edgeless Ultra-Thin Millennium M1 High-Contrast or M2 Natural 4K-HD Reference Filmscreens



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Screenshots taken 15.5 feet away from an edgeless ultra-thin 100" Millennium M1 High-Contrast 4K-HD Reference Filmscreen.



Screenshots pictures of HD live concerts in Blu-Ray format will be posted soon!









    In the last 13 years I have seen filmscreens manufactures grown quite a bit due to the huge increase in projector sales worldwide. Today there are well over sixty filmscreen manufactures that I can think of but less than a hand full of manufactures that delivers true reference filmscreens.

Let's talk about that last statement for a minute. A true reference filmscreen has to provide a picture that delivers superior sharpness, contrast, brightness and displays colors with life and accuracy after the projector is properly calibrated. The most important factor that reference filmscreen provides is the experience of being there, that ultimate realism that transports you to the scene putting you in the middle of the music concert or film. 

The fidelity of the pictures you see projected on the Millennium M1 High-Contrast 4K-HD Reference Filmscreen above looks completely lifeless and out of focus in comparison with other screens, that realism you see is out the door. The bottom line is that Millennium M1 makes any projector look 40% to 200% better than most other screens available on the market and I have seen them all. 

Take it from experience, a filmscreen is about the only thing in your high-end system that you probably will never replace ever again, it's quite a job to set it up, it requires minimum of three people to set it up properly, it's extremely delicate and expensive to ship because of the size. 

Projectors and components will most likely come and go through the years but your filmscreen will most likely will stay with you. Do you self a big favor and don't take your filmscreen for granted, keep in mind that your picture quality can only be as good as the screen that reflects the picture. Do it right the first time, get the best from the start and avoid the regrets later.


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