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The Audio Tekne TFM-9412 Integrated Amplifier with dual 300B's is an absolute audio masterpiece. This integrated is completely hand made including the six tall massive transformers you see on the photo, there is no circuit boards on this 70 pound beauty, is complete wired point to point with a special silver solder. This 9412 has 5 inputs and 8 Watts per channel of absolute magic, the sound is so pure my audiophile friends that you will be hearing your whole music collection with a sound quality never heard it before.


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Regarded by many reviewers and audiophiles as one of the best manufactures of high-end Integrated Amplifiers available in the world. The Accuphase E-600 is a Pure Class A Integrated Amplifier Riding the same crest as the 40th anniversary commemorative models, the E-600 features AAVA volume control and a triple parallel push-pull power MOS-FET arrangement. Power amplifier stage with latest instrumentation amplifier configuration realizes balanced signal transmission. MCS+ topology and current feedback principle assure excellent phase characteristics in high range. Massive power supply and low impedance design of output circuitry result in 150 watts per channel (into 1 ohm, with music signal) and a damping factor of 500. Link to the new Accuphase full line brochure.


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Pass Labs Pure Class A and A/B integrated amps providing from 60 Watts to 250 Watts Per Channel in four different models. We describe the sound of the PASS as warm, liquid, tube like with incredible control yet retaining the neutrality and benefits of high-end solid state designs. Pass Labs is regarded as one of the world's best manufacture of high-end integrated amplifiers. Link to PASS Labs website.


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Balanced Audio Technology VK-3000SE


    We have been using here at High-End Palace BAT integrated amplifiers for the last decade. The Vk-3000SE is the best and most refine integrated amp with tube preamp and solid state amplification we have heard from Victor's superb work. Musical, powerful and dead quite!


Balanced Audio Technology’s VK-3000SE integrated amplifier embodies simplicity without compromise. At last, audiophiles can get no-limits musical finesse and exceptional performance in one convenient package. Competitive with reference-level separates, the VK-3000SE provides a robust 150 watts per channel into 8-ohm loads and doubles this output into 4-ohm loads. Combine such ability with BAT’s vacuum-tube preamplifier section—based on the same reference 6H30 SuperTube used in the flagship REX II preamplifier—and you get sublime power matched with richly textured musicality. Sonically open, delicate, and smooth, the VK-3000SE allows any space to breathe with exquisite music.


Incredibly versatile, the VK-3000SE can be configured to meet almost any system need. A programmable user interface allows you to easily mate the VK-3000SE with a home-theater system. Change sources, switch polarity, or fade music with just one touch—all from the included machined-aluminum remote control. Add in the optional phono module, and you’ll obtain superb reproduction of your analog record collection from either moving-magnet or low-output moving-coil cartridges. Use the vacuum-tube preamplifier outputs to control an amplifier in a second room.


Many integrated amplifiers offer the benefit of convenience, but little else. The VK-3000SE is different. Its circuitry and build maintain the uncompromisingly high caliber found in BAT’s flagship components. The output stage employs the symmetrical bipolar design used in BAT’s reference VK-6200 multichannel power amplifier. The preamplifier section uses the same 6H30 SuperTube Unistage design topology employed throughout BAT’s Special Edition tube preamplifiers—right down to the paper-in-oil signal capacitors. To literally cap it off, the VK-3000SE features a gorgeous aluminum top cover and side panels that add to its signature look.


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Balanced Audio Technology VK-300X

    This is my personal pristine BAT VK-300x barely used in my business office set up with a set of Magico Mini II and DCS CD player with remote and original box and packing. New premium 6922 tubes in the preamp section, solid state amplification offering 150W into 8 Ohms and 300W into 4 Ohms. 2 XLR + 3 RCA Inputs, 1 XLR + 1 RCA outputs.

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Actual photo of the Viva Solista Reference Tube Integrated Amp for sale. HD Photography work done by Larry D. Diaz for High-End Palace.




    Now available at The Palace an excellent condition $12,000 Viva Solista Reference Integrated Amp. This 100 pounds hand built Italian masterpiece has no circuit boards for superior sonic transparency. The sound quality is as transparent and organic as it gets. This Viva Solista is regarded as one of the best Integrated Amps ever designed in high-end Audio and one of the best we have tried herein High-End Palace.

The Single Ended Class A Solista Integrated Amp with 845 output tubes and tube rectification, the same as the Aurora, and a preamp section based on the same amazing 6c45 tube that forms the heart of the spectacular Linea 45 preamp, delivers incredible bang-for-the-buck. 

Try to find any high-end linestage or amplifier at this price that can deliver the performance of the Solista, let alone do both for one price. Designer Amedeo Schembri is single-handedly challenging previous beliefs that the integrated amplifier must necessarily be inferior to separates. Again, through careful implementation of power supply design, combined with brilliantly creative, yet simple circuit topologies that employ only the finest, carefully selected components, Schembri has re-written the book on what is possible from a single chassis. This amplifier, which features remote volume control, delivers the heart and soul of the music like no other integrated amplifier in the world. 

The familiar Viva sound, which is both liquid, yet extended in both frequency extremes, brings all the power, impact and control of the big high-end contenders. Not for a moment, though, does it sacrifice the delicacy, emotion and sheer musicality, that, otherwise, only live music is able to evoke. Viva's top-of-the-line integrated is becoming famous at audio shows for making speakers "sound better than ever..." combining power and finesse to create a musical experience that can only be surpassed by Viva's own large monoblocks via the Linea 45 linestage.


  • Tube complement: 2 x 211 ; 2 x 845 ; 2 x 6SN7 ; 2 x 6C45p

  • four line inputs and one direct input

  • one buffered line output

  • Direct heated triodes

  • Single-ended 845 output

  • Zero feedback

  • Pure Class A

  • Point-to-point handwired

  • Remote volume control

  • Direct amplifier input

  • Buffered auxiliary pre-out

  • Massive custom transformers

  • User selectable 211 or 845 rectification


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Art Dudley

Things that single-ended amplifiers seem to do better than push-pull:

• A single-ended amplifier allows voices and instruments to retain their natural presence to an uncanny degree—or, as Harvey Rosenberg once quoted Gertrude Stein as saying, "There is lots of there there." A very good single-ended amp goes further, pulling solo voices and instruments away from whatever else is taking place in the recording, musically and sonically. Either way, the effect isn't like the fussy, fey, over etched imaging that some audiophiles and reviewers hanker for: It's not as if an SE amp wants you to think there's a trumpet or a tambourine between your speakers, but rather that there is real music, made by real people playing the trumpet or tambourine, between your speakers—solid, of course, but still alive and breathing.

The difference between typical high-end audio imaging and the musical presence of a single-ended amp is the difference between listening to somebody type a manuscript and listening to them read what they've written.

• Single-ended amps allow music to retain its sense of flow and momentum. Failing to do so is the most egregious shortcoming I hear whenever circumstances force me to listen to some overwrought system built around an overpriced and overpowered push-pull amplifier: Despite being able to produce attractive or even "realistic" sound, the thing doesn't damn make music.






“See me, touch me, hear me!” Those would be the Solista MkII's first words, if it could talk. The amplifier's flowing lines and voluptuous shape couldn't be from anywhere but Italy. And it is, entirely hand-crafted in Vicenza. The chassis' undulating curves and exquisitely machined knobs show this is no ordinary high-end amplifier. Listen to your favorite tunes and it becomes clear the Solista MkII was designed to preserve, above all else, the essence of the music.

Singers sounded more flesh-and-blood human with the Viva Solista MkII hooked up to my speakers. Frank Sinatra was in the house! This amplifier is almost magical in the way it plays tunes. Music, especially acoustic music, never sounded this natural before; it moved like the real thing. It breathes! Viva's founder Amedeo Schembri is something of a perfectionist; he's an engineer who flat-out refuses to compromise his designs. For example, instead of using printed circuit boards, the Solista MkII's innards are entirely hand-wired and soldered. Schembri makes the effort because he thinks wired amplifiers sound better than ones with printed circuit boards.

Viva amplifiers' transformers are all designed by Schembri and custom built by a local supplier. Again, that obsessive level of design is rare, even for most of today's high-end vacuum tube electronics manufacturers. Schembri's custom transformers are absolutely crucial to the Solista MkII's sound because the music signal is routed through the transformer.

Off-the-shelf transformers and printed circuit boards would dramatically improve profit margins, but at the cost of sound quality. Schembri is a good listener—he wouldn't build amps any other way.

Before founding Viva in 1996, Schembri designed and built gear for recording studios and concert sound systems. In those days he designed solid-state electronics, but he now works exclusively with vacuum tubes. He knows what solid-state can do, but it can't approach the musicality of tube designs.

You can't miss the Solista MkII's tubes as they stand proud in the chassis' "V" notch; the tubes near the front are unusually large (approximately 6.25 inches high). Upon powering up the amplifier, the front tube quartet lights in spectacular fashion, much brighter than the soft orange glow of smaller power tubes you see in more common tube designs. The Solista MkII's four smaller rear tubes are literally overshadowed by the power and rectifier tubes' brilliant white light. The all-aluminum chassis helps dissipate some of the tubes' heat. Even so, the amplifier should be placed out of reach of small children.

The rear panel hosts four pairs of stereo RCA inputs, plus a "Direct" that bypasses the volume control and input selector. If you have a turntable you'll need to buy a separate phono preamplifier to play records over the Solista MkII. (Viva offers a matching phono preamp). The integrated amp has a set of stereo RCA outputs, intended for use with a powered subwoofer (or two). A small remote is provided to control volume. Viva products are built to order. The standard finish is a medium, metallic-grey lacquer, but custom-ordered paint jobs are available. My favorite Vivas are the drop-dead gorgeous two-tone, fiery red and black jobs. Oh so Italian they are, but Viva's creamy white electronics are also stunning.

In use, the Solista MkII is a model of simplicity and unfussy ergonomics: Turn it on, bask in the tubes' glow, select an input (such as CD), adjust the volume and enjoy the music. The sound is a good deal warmer and richer than my reference Parasound JC-1/JC-2 electronics, but I like it! The Solista MkII's 22 watts per channel sound far more powerful than you'd expect, but the amp didn't have enough gusto to make my Magneplanar 3.6/R speakers sing. They require gobs of power. But the Viva came alive when partnered with my Dynaudio C-1 speakers. I used XLO cabling for the entire system, specifically Signature 3 interconnects and speaker wires.

Great tube components are mystical objects. Maybe it has to do with the way the tubes glow, inflamed with voltages that produce the sound of music. Since most recordings aren't "flat," accuracy isn't the goal, musicality is.

The Solista MkII produced a solidity to the sound of instruments and vocals that transistor gear never quite achieves. I loved what the Solista MkII did for less-than-terrific sounding recordings.

Take Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon's In Paris CD, recorded in November, 1962. It's a monophonic recording and the Solista MkII brought not just the sound, but the music back to life. Every meaty pluck, slide and pull on Dixon's stand up bass's strings energized the beat, and his down-and-dirty vocals added to the excitement. The duo's rhythms and toe-tappin' grooves were a total joy. The Solista MkII is a feel good machine. The Solista MkII makes almost every recording sound better than it really is. Big band jazz, like Mel Lewis/Bob Brookmeyer's Live at the Village Vanguard, 1980 CD absolutely knocked me out. Massed brass and winds are tough to get right—they can sound bright or thin—but the Solista MkII was magnificent here.

Instruments sounded like the real-life counterparts, probably because the Viva supplied the full-bodied dimensionality and presence you'd hear from live instruments. Nirvana's Nevermind CD revealed new textures and palpable details. Kurt Cobain's vocals floated above the fray, sounding more humanly present than I've ever heard.

Thing is, 22 watts per channel will probably limit the appeal of the Solista MkII for Nirvana fans. Not that the amp won't play reasonably loud with suitable speakers, and my Dynaudio C-1s were definitely in that category. But wham-bam dynamics aren't in the cards. Viva makes stereo preamps, stereo and mono power amps, and integrated amps like the Solista MkII I'm reviewing here. The company also offers a dedicated Fono (phono) preamplifier ($15,900) for analog lovers; a "baby" integrated amp, the Solista Lt ($8,500); the Verona TRE power amplifier ($24,900) and more.

The Solista MkII looks, feels and sounds like nothing I've heard. It's a tough act to follow.


PRICE: Viva Solista MkII: $16,900

CONTACT: vivaaudio.com









  • Celebrating Ken Ishiwata’s 30 Years of Dedication and Service to the Marantz Brand

  • Limited Edition Integrated Amplifier in Honor of Ken Ishiwata 30th Anniversary

  • Personally customized by Ken Ishiwata himself

  • Pearl (Silk Black) in Color - a First for Marantz Reference

  • Solid 5mm Thick Heavy Aluminum Top Cover

  • Large Toroidal Transformer with Non-magnetic Aluminum Shield Case

  • Copper Plated Chassis with a Double Layered Bottom Plate

  • Hand Selected High Quality Audiophile Grade Components by Ken Ishiwata

  • Solid Aluminum Machined Feet

  • Marantz HDAM(Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module)-SA3

  • Fully Discrete Constant Current Feedback Phono Equalizer

  • High Accurate Volume Control IC for Linear Control Volume

  • CD Direct Input Buffer Circuit w/ HDAM-SA2

  • Current Feedback Power Amplifier featuring V/I Servo

  • New Custom Block Capacitors

  • Power Amp Direct Input as just Power Amplifier use

  • Pre Out

  • Improved visibility New LCD

  • Aluminum Top Remote

  • F.C.B.S. (Floating Control Bus System) for sync. oppearation: Complete Bi-amp drive, Multi Channel system etc. (up to 3 PM-KI-PEARL)

  • Bi-Amp Mode

  • KI PEARL Special Website

  • Link to MARANTZ PM-KI-PEARL specs

  • Sold out Limited Edition production to 500 units worldwide









Jeff Rowland Concentra Integrated with box, manual and remote in new conditions. I believe the photos above speaks for them self. This 100 Watts per channel beauty that provides fabulous sound quality and refinement.


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YBA Passion Intégré

One owner Passion Intégré with extremely low hours, hardly used in a third system. This Passion Intégré provides 100 watts per channel @ 8 ohms and 170 watts per channel @ 4 ohms.


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